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SmartFactor human staff is chosen to understand and meet our customers requirements.

Mobile Network Design

We provide multi-vendor solutions with proved expertise in Huawei, Nokia Networks and Ericsson equipment.

Network Optimization

High-level optimization demands and added value to local operations over all major radio access network technologies, such as GERAN, UTRAN and LTE.

High-Load Event Tracking

Special design for existing network infraestructure. Optimization and dimension removing bottlenecks UTRAN focused.


SmartFactor offers added value services to Network Design projects, including:

Remote assistance in redesigns.

Dimension and design in Base Stations.

First Tunning support, including drive test analysis

Multivendor swap support including post-swap performance evaluation.


Optimization via Network indicators.

Heuristic overload predictions.


Parametrization Testings.

Function FOA.

Field Analytics Reports.

Capacity Studies.

Inconsistencies Checks.

With our experience in latest network technology we are aware that actual frontier is mobile communications is the high load enviroments. These scenarios requires a special design in order to optimize air interface and an equilibrated dimensioning to avoid bottle-necks specially in UTRAN. Also a paradigm shift is coming in event management based in user QoE over radio network basic indicators. Due to higher LTE users it means a grow in complex to guarantee an optimal performance.








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